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Biodiversity | The government has delayed implementing legislation which requires developers to be “nature positive”. The Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) policy was approved as part of the 2021 Environment Act, and was due to come into effect in November this year. Under the policy, developers must ensure that the natural environment is left in a better state than before, using a metric to calculate the value of various habitats. Now, Defra has announced that the legislation will not be in place until January 2024, and will only mandate a 10% net-gain. Environmental groups have criticised the delay, with the Wildlife Trusts calling it “another hammer blow for nature”, and adding that they wanted net-gain to be set at 20%. The BBC and ENDS covered the news. Meanwhile, the Guardian reports that MPs and campaigners alike are gearing up to oppose the government’s plans to scrap nutrient neutrality rules for housebuilders.

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