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Swifts | The House of Lords has debated an amendment to the levelling up bill that would make swift bricks mandatory in new housing in England. A ‘swift brick’ is a hollow brick that provides a space for cavity-nesting birds such as the red-listed house martin, starling and house sparrow, as well as other small birds. Zac Goldsmith, who tabled the amendment, said there weren’t many conservation solutions as easy as swift bricks, and added that the associated cost was tiny, while the impact for endangered species would be vast. Despite support from cross-party MPs, the government refused to accept the amendment during debate on Wednesday – but neither was it outright rejected, according to a Twitter update by the RSPB. Campaigner Hannah Bourne-Taylor, founder of the Feather Speech campaign, said there is still hope in the form of a meeting with Michael Gove. The Guardian covered the amendment.

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